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Chair Summit 2014

A very successful 7th Annual Chair Summit 2014 took place this past weekend in Tampa, Fla. Faculty leading this interesting series of plenaries, breakout sessions and chart reviews are Chairmen of departments of psychiatry and neurology…

Sixth Annual Chair Summit Begins This Week

This week a Master Class for Neuroscience Development called the Chair Summit takes place in Tampa, FL (Sept 26-28, 2013). In the early days of medical training in Kos, students, trainees and medical colleagues would gather…

Chair Summit Meeting Highlights – available now in HORM

Article series from the 3rd Annual Chair Summit, The Master Class for Neuroscience Professional Development (Chair Summit) available now in Health Outcomes Research in Medicine journal (HORM) The continuing professional development of clinicians protects one of…

November Is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

LUNGevity Foundation steps up its push for a national conversation about lung cancer, a disease that affects 1 in 14 Americans, by hosting 21 events across the country, beginning November 5 – 6.[More…]