Watch More Than Lowering Blood Sugar: 3-Part Video Series

Episode 1: Protecting Your Heart in Type 2 Diabetes

In this first of three webisodes, Dr. Darren McGuire takes diabetes to heart by sharing the very real risks of vascular events (heart attack, stroke, peripheral arterial disease) associated with type 2 diabetes. Although this may be an uncomfortable wakeup call, the good news is that there are lifestyle changes and medicines that can significantly lower your risk.

Episode 2: Strategies to Address T2D that Reduce CVD Risk

In webisode one, you learned about the very real connection between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In this second of three webisodes, Dr. Darren McGuire shares contemporary treatment plans that combine lifestyle changes, metformin (if indicated), and newer medications that not only address high blood sugar, but significantly lower your risk of having a vascular event such as heart attack or stroke.

Episode 3: Meet Drew: An Actual T2D Patient at Risk for CVD

In webisode three, Kimberly Ellis, Nurse Practitioner and Type 2 Diabetes Educator, introduces us to Drew, a 55 year-old construction worker who has had T2D for the past 15 years. He’s never been told by any of his clinicians about his increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This is an actual patient encounter — unrehearsed — between a diabetes expert and a real patient in need of information and motivation. Drew stopped taking his insulin and other medications 3 months ago and is now ready for a fresh start. This time, he is learning it’s perfectly fine to ask his doctor some questions about the cardiovascular risks associated with his diabetes.