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Overcoming Obstacles: Expert Perspectives on the Diagnosis and Management of Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome

In this enduring CME Outfitters Webcast, expert faculty will guide learners through the diagnostic process for FCS, discuss approaches to adhering to stringent dietary guidance, and introduce strategies to effectively implement multidisciplinary management for this condition. They will also detail new and emerging treatment options to help keep all members of the health care team up to date with the latest scientific advances in this field.


Dengue Disease Update: What Do U.S. Clinicians Need to Know

In the first activity of this CME Outfitters Snack series, expert faculty will provide learners with the opportunity to grow their knowledge and understanding of the clinical manifestations, transmission, and exposure risks of dengue disease.


Eosinophils, Cytokines, and Clinical Manifestations of EGPA

During this CMEO Snack, Drs. Wechsler and Akuthota will use 3-D models to discuss the pathophysiology and clinical course of EGPA, including eosinophilic manifestations of the disease and the effect of anti-IL-5 therapy on eosinophil activity in EGPA.


EGPA Management: Integrating Targeted Therapies to Optimize Outcomes

During this 30-minute CMEO Snack, Drs. Wechsler and Seo will discuss how to integrate EGPA treatments, including IL-5 targeted therapies, based on current treatment guidelines and patient-specific factors.


Global Perspectives on Diagnosis and Management of Childhood Epilepsy Disorders: Focus on Dravet, Lennox-Gastaut, and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Please join expert faculty in this recorded CMEO webcast as they discuss topics including early diagnosis, patient/caregiver QoL, team-based care, the role of pharmaceutical cannabinoid (CBD) in treatment, and regulatory guidelines. Through this discussion learners will become acquainted with improved tactics to diagnose and treat early-life seizures.


PIDD in Pediatric Care: When It’s More Than “Just an Infection”

In this CME Outfitters recorded symposium, expert faculty discuss pediatric patient cases that illustrate the timely assessment of telltale signs and symptoms indicative of an underlying immunologic deficiency.


Diagnosing EGPA: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of the Disease

During this 30-minute CMEO Snack, Drs. Wechsler and Dua will identify best practices and current guidelines for the clinical evaluation and differential diagnosis of EGPA. Using a case presentation to frame the discussion, faculty will explain the differential diagnosis of EGPA as well as how to integrate diagnostic methods and interpret results.


The Latest Update on Metachromatic Leukodystrophy: Screening, Diagnosis, and Emerging Treatments to Improve Quality of Life of Patients

During this 90-minute enduring material, expert panelists will discuss biomarkers that identify patients at the pre-symptomatic phase of the disease and share knowledge about caring for patients with MLD.

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