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Diagnosing EGPA: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of the Disease

During this 30-minute CMEO Snack, Drs. Wechsler and Dua will identify best practices and current guidelines for the clinical evaluation and differential diagnosis of EGPA. Using a case presentation to frame the discussion, faculty will explain the differential diagnosis of EGPA as well as how to integrate diagnostic methods and interpret results.


Live Stream: PIDD in Pediatric Care: When It’s More Than “Just an Infection”

In this CME Outfitters live-streamed symposium, expert faculty discuss pediatric patient cases that illustrate the timely assessment of telltale signs and symptoms indicative of an underlying immunologic deficiency.


Adult Considerations in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Building Clinician and Patient Medical Teams

In this educational webcast, expert faculty will discuss treatment needs of adult patients with SMA and the unique challenges and experiences of those patients transitioning from pediatric to adult care.


Evidence-Based Strategies to Facilitate Access to Therapies for Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

This enduring material focuses on implementing evidence-based strategies for diagnosing SMA, applying the latest clinical evidence of approved and emerging therapies.


Accounting for the Impact of EGPA on Patient Quality of Life

During this 30-minute CMEO Snack, Dr. Gordon will join Dr. Michael Wechsler, a national expert in EGPA. They will discuss how EGPA impacts patient quality of life and how clinicians can better detect and manage hidden symptoms of disease.