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Pharmacists are educators and important partners in patient care. Often on the front lines of care, pharmacists dispense more than medication. Offering expert counseling and recommendations, pharmacists serve as medication experts on care teams. As pharmacy practice scope continues to broaden, so do pharmacists’ education needs.

CME Outfitters Pharmacist Central is committed to providing evidence and outcomes-based educational activities to help pharmacists stay up-to-date on the latest data, best practices, and innovations while earning CPE credits and improving patient outcomes.  Check back often and please feel free to contact us at with questions, or with any information you feel would be helpful to have on CMEO Pharmacist Central.

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Stewards of Stem Cell and Kidney Transplantation: The Critical Role of Pharmacists in Staving Off CMV Infection

In this CME Outfitters Snack activity, expert faculty will discuss clinical experience, current and late-breaking study information, and how to integrate data into everyday clinical workflows to improve management of patients receiving HSCTs or kidney transplants.


Time is of the Essence: Avoiding Delays in Identification and Management of irAEs

In this CME Outfitters BriefCase, expert faculty will guide learners through a patient case involving an initial presentation of an irAE within the ambulatory care setting. This program will provide guidance to pharmacists working within a multidisciplinary care team on strategies for the triage and initial guideline-directed management of patients with a suspected irAE.




Tailoring irAE Care to Specific Patients

In this CMEO BriefCase, expert faculty will present information on how healthcare disparities impact irAE recognition and management and pharmacist considerations for social determinants of health relative to irAE diagnosis and treatment planning. Discussion will include strategies for addressing healthcare inequities in order to improve timely recognition and treatment for all patients experiencing irAEs.  


Missed Opportunities in irAE Management: Tips for Non-Oncology Pharmacists

In this CME Outfitters BriefCase, expert faculty will guide learners through a case involving a patient who presents with escalating symptoms of an irAE over multiple visits.


IrAEs in Emergency Medicine: Have You Missed It?

In this CMEO BriefCase, Drs. Pruitt and Wattana will guide learners through a patient case scenario reviewing the recognition of ICI exposure through focused medication history, signs and symptoms of irAEs, and principles of early, appropriate management and the importance of consultation with an oncology care team. This program will focus on the role of the ED pharmacist in making timely interventions for patients with irAEs seen in the emergency department including strategies for engaging with ED team members and for setting the patient up for a successful transition in care.