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Genetic Testing and Biomarkers in Cancer: A Community Oncology Approach

In the first installment of this CME Outfitters Snack series, expert faculty will guide learners through an overview of challenges and recent developments in immunotherapy, as well as guideline recommendations on their implementation in practice. Faculty will also detail strategies designed to increase implementation of best practices in genetic and biomarker testing for cancer immunotherapy.


Genetic Counseling: Accessibility and Availability

In the second installment of this CME Outfitters Snack series, expert faculty will discuss strategies for providing high-quality genetic counseling and services for underserved patients with cancer, including leveraging health technology (e.g. telehealth), utilizing a collaborative/interprofessional approach to genetic counseling, and implementing a workable process for patient identification and triage.


A Guide for Community Oncologists: Interpretation of Genetic and Biomarker Testing Results

In the third installment of this CME Outfitters Snack series, expert faculty will discuss the role of predictive biomarkers in guiding clinical decision-making, practical guidance for testing requirements and recommendations, and shared decision-making. Faculty will also present illustrative examples of utilizing testing to guide therapy.


Diagnosing EGPA: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of the Disease

During this 30-minute CMEO Snack, Drs. Wechsler and Dua will identify best practices and current guidelines for the clinical evaluation and differential diagnosis of EGPA. Using a case presentation to frame the discussion, faculty will explain the differential diagnosis of EGPA as well as how to integrate diagnostic methods and interpret results.


Live Stream: PIDD in Pediatric Care: When It’s More Than “Just an Infection”

In this CME Outfitters live-streamed symposium, expert faculty discuss pediatric patient cases that illustrate the timely assessment of telltale signs and symptoms indicative of an underlying immunologic deficiency.


Dismantling Disparities in Primary Immunodeficiency Care: Building Blocks to Equity

Expert faculty will engage the audience in the development of improved skills in identifying the signs and symptoms of PI to reduce diagnostic delays, emphasize the importance of implementing consistent, guideline-directed treatment plans for all patients, and advise on the importance of effective patient-clinician communication and education.


Focusing on Brain Health: Managing Cognitive Impairment in Primary Care Settings

Please join expert faculty for this CMEO video webcast on best practices for diagnosing CIs.


Adult Considerations in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Building Clinician and Patient Medical Teams

In this educational webcast, expert faculty will discuss treatment needs of adult patients with SMA and the unique challenges and experiences of those patients transitioning from pediatric to adult care.


The Mycophenolate Pregnancy Registry

In part three of this REMS CME Outfitters Snack series, Lisa Coscia, RN joins host/moderator Dr. Steven Gabardi to provide guidance on appropriate monitoring strategies for pregnancy as well as the importance of reporting any pregnancies that do occur to the Mycophenolate Pregnancy Registry.


Mycophenolate: Clinical Uses, Serious Risks

In part one of this CME Outfitters Snack series, Dr. Miae Kim joins host/moderator Dr. Steven Gabardi to discuss how mycophenolate works in the body, the potential for first trimester pregnancy loss, and the types of congenital malformations that can occur if the mycophenolate REMS is not followed.