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From video webisodes to downloadable resources, the CME Outfitters major depressive disorder (MDD) patient education hub offers a central location for unique patient education tools and resources to empower patients to improve their knowledge of MDD and become active members in their care.

Please continue to check back on the MDD Patient Education Hub for additional patient webisodes, animations, and resources on MDD.

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How Does Depression Affect You?

Tackling Major Depressive Disorder can feel overwhelming. View this short video animation for guidance on how to get started with depression treatment and find a road to recovery that works for you.


My Journey with MDD: Theresa’s Story

The journey with depression looks different for everyone. Theresa is a patient leader and mental health advocate who was diagnosed with MDD at 14 years old. This is her story.


What Is Depression?

Everyone feels sad or low sometimes, but these feelings usually pass with a little time. Depression (also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is different. Find out more in this informational guide to depression from the National Institute of Mental Health.


A Family Guide to Discussing Depression

The number of children and teens experiencing depression is on the rise, and many families are struggling to know how to help. This guide is designed to help families openly communicate about depression and support children and teens on the road to depression recovery.


Mental Health Minute: Depression

Depression and its symptoms can feel complicated. But the National Institute of Health can give you a 60-second snapshot of common symptoms and treatment options.


Help Me, Help You, Help Me: Using Shared Decision-Making to Achieve the Best Outcomes in MDD

In this third webisode, Dr. McIntyre and Theresa are back with expert guidance on ways you can collaborate with your family, friends, and mental health care team to make the best treatment decision for long-term management of MDD.


I Am Talking, but You are Not Understanding: These are My MDD Treatment Goals

Join renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Roger McIntyre, and patient leader, Theresa, in this video webisode about working with your mental health provider to set depression treatment goals that matter to YOU.


MDD: Helpful Links & Resources Access the Psychiatrist Locator to find a physician in your area specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness. Read a helpful Q&A where expert psychiatrist Dr. Alan Gelenberg provides answers to common questions about depression from…