Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at CME Outfitters

Leading the Way to Educate and Empower Health Care Professionals

At the Heart of CMEO’s Mission

As CME educators, CMEO recognizes that disparities in health care do exist and we have a responsibility to address the issue and be guiding force nationally and globally.  Racial inequities, bias, and disparities in care have continued to emerge as gaps in knowledge and clinical practice among clinicians, underscoring the critical need for education.  Education in problem awareness, root-cause analysis, and problem-solving can be some of the most effective ways to address unconscious bias among medical professionals.

“I appreciate you asking about faculty who we can add to the program that represent gender and race diversity”
– CMEO Faculty Member

We believe we can be leaders and advocates in addressing these issues with health care providers around the globe. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of CME Outfitters’ mission. In fact, 85% of CMEO employees are women and we have increased the number of women serving as national physician faculty by 250% since 2018.  Across our educational catalog, we have actively and purposefully increased racial, ethnic, and age diversity of faculty over the past two years.

“We have an important role as a CME provider to help health care professionals understand and address the barriers and stigma that can create these kinds of inequities and ultimately impede quality care for underserved patients.” 
– Shari Tordoff, Senior Vice President of CME Outfitters, a mentor of the Latinx Female Entrepreneur Program

Utilizing Instructional Design to Start the Conversation

As industry leaders, CME Outfitters recognizes that we have a responsibility to use our educational platforms to address the issues of bias and disparities by building those discussions into the educational objectives, our discussions with faculty, and our educational design. In our role as a CME organization, we can make an impact.

Our Key Pillars

Our educational activities will:

  • Highlight disparities related to access—to providers, medicines, and innovations and build strategies to overcome barriers and stigma into instructional design
  • Identify underserved patient groups, where racial and ethnic disparities are glaring
  • Select and partner with all faculty to bring the issue to the forefront of all CMEO initiatives.

Content Highlights

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