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How to Meet Requirements for MIPS Reimbursement

Getting MIPS ReimbursementThe Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) can be confusing for many, especially as new clinicians first become eligible to participate.  But meeting your MIPS requirements doesn’t have to be arduous and painful! Read on to learn how you can meet your MIPS requirements

Qualifying for MIPS Reimbursement

MIPS is one of two tracks under the Quality Payment Program (QPP) for Medicare Part B providers. MIPS Eligible providers should participate in MIPS or they will be subject to a negative payment adjustment on Medicare Part B reimbursements. One unique aspect of MIPS is that CME can count towards your MIPS requirement if the activities are designed and executed in alignment with the QPP guidance. As our foundation of instructional design, CME Outfitters activities are designed to meet the requirements as MIPS improvement activities.  When you participate in one of our activities that is designated as an Improvement Activity, we make it as straightforward as possible to submit your requirements to CMS.

Performance Categories for MIPS

MIPS has four performance categories, including an Improvement Activity category, of which CME qualifies.  The Improvement Activity aspect of MIPS assesses how much you participate in activities that improve clinical practice. Active participation may be different for each activity, but this generally means staying engaged.

Under the Improvement Activity category, clinicians are able to choose from many activities to demonstrate their performance. When using CME to demonstrate performance, here’s what to expect for most activities:

  1. Meaningful Participation: Actively participate in the CME activity by answering the pre- and posttest questions, audience response questions, and/or ask questions of the faculty.
  2. Collection and Analysis of Performance Data: CME Outfitters will follow-up with participants via survey approximately 3 months after activity completion to assess the impact of the interventions discussed in this activity as part of the improvement activity requirements.
  3. CME Provider has a Mechanism for Documentation:  CME Outfitters will then provide documentation of the participant’s completion of the requirements for submission as a MIPS Improvement Activity.

CME Activities

Clinicians can report participation in CME activities to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) under activity ID: IA_PSPA_28. CME activity weighting for MIPS is medium.

CME Outfitters is hard at work creating new courses that qualify as MIPS-eligible.

For more information about CME Outfitters’ activities, visit or call 877.CME.PROS (877.263.7767).

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