Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Narcolepsy with Cataplexy

Diagnosing and managing pediatric narcolepsy with cataplexy poses a significant challenge to clinicians. In younger children, EDS may be vague and present as behavioral problems or concentration difficulties, and its treatment is considered to be similar to that of adults. Yet, the same challenges in diagnosing and treating narcolepsy in adults seem to be exacerbated in children.

Validated tools such as the EDS-CHAD can improve the detection of EDS in pediatric narcolepsy, and it is imperative for clinicians to focus on the presentation of EDS in pediatrics by discussing with their patients that being tired or fatigued is not the same as being sleepy, and checking for memory lapses, automatic behaviors, and impaired attention or concentration.

This CME Outfitters podcast features the latest long-term safety and efficacy data for pediatric narcolepsy treatments, which can be utilized to develop the best possible treatment strategies for their patients.