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We Bleed Too: The Women of Von Willebrand Disease & How Their Community Empowers Them

  As Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month comes to an end, CME Outfitters would like to shine a light on von […]

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Top 5 Things I Learned When Sick with COVID-19

Top 5 Things I Learned When Sick with COVID-19 The health care system is complicated. COVID-19-related guilt is real. Health […]

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CME Outfitters is Now Jointly Accredited!

Joint Accreditation: Advancing education for the team, by the team     As of July 26, 2021, CME Outfitters has […]

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CME Outfitters Launches Digital Badge Credentials for Health Care Professionals

  What are Digital Badge Credentials?   The first step to improving your knowledge, skills and patient care is gaining […]

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