Planning for Change – CME Outfitter’s Evolving Reaccreditation Approach

Planning for Change – CME Outfitter’s Evolving Reaccreditation Approach

Having just finished our reaccreditation Self Study Report, I have learned a few things. As in many instances in life, processes change. At CME Outfitters, we have a Planning Document that was created to align with Accreditation requirements to make it easier for us to respond to reaccreditation activity file reviews and annual reports. We have an organized method for documenting our needs assessments. However, the new process that has been implemented by the ACCME for reporting some accreditation criteria implements an “abstract” format for summarizing the planning process for the Performance in Practice files.

Let us back up for a moment. Performance in Practice files are a somewhat arbitrary selection of 15 activities conducted by an accredited providerduring their current accreditation term. So,when it is time for reaccreditation, the ACCME sends a list to providers of the selected activities, and Providers begin collecting the various pieces of documentation to prove they followed a systematic planning process aligned with the Accreditation Criteria.

The new “abstract” form includes character/word limited fields. This is new. For someone, like me, who has a difficult time Tweeting because of the character limits, this proves a great challenge. Here is a screenshot of the word limits for practice gaps, educational needs, and other important parts of the planning process.


A change in process is in the works. The CME Outfitters Planning Document will now seek information about how we plan our activities in a much more succinct fashion. Fewer words! Now, I know that we will still conduct a thorough needs assessment based on many factors, the way we always do.

As with most changes, it will be strange at first. But it will be an efficient and accurate way to document our processes. The most important thing is that we continue to focus on what is most important – excellent education! This process change will become a standard part of our activity planning process. Thank you for everything you do to make education that makes a difference!

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