Patients living with Primary Immunodeficiency disorders (PID) face challenges that impact nearly every facet of daily life.  Understanding what PIDs are, deciphering diagnoses, and knowing what to expect during treatment planning are key to maintaining and improving quality of life for those affected by PID.
In this hub, you’ll find up-to-date information on PID, including educational videos, animations, fact sheets and other resources you can use to become your own best advocate and improve your quality of life.
Note: PIDs are also abbreviated as PI or PIDD and are used interchangeably throughout the literature.

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Resources for Clinicians

Resources for Patients

Shared Decision Making

Dr. Mark Ballow talks about strategies for patients and their caregivers to improve communication with their doctors and healthcare teams.

Whiteboard Animation: Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders

PID Whiteboard:  An animated guide for patients and caregivers on what PIs are, and what to expect from clinical visits during the diagnostic phase and treatment planning.