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An Animated Look at Acute and Chronic Pain Pathways Download the Animation Guide here (PDF)

Download Animated Look at Acute and Chronic Pain Pathways Video

Understanding Pain Pathways

Download Understanding Pain Pathways Video

Your Pain Management Journey: Your Pharmacist as a Go-To Resource

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Did you know pharmacists can be an excellent resource on pain management and treatment plans?

Pharmacists are a go-to resource for pain management education helping patients and caregivers explore non-pharmacological options that can work alongside prescribed and over-the-counter medications. In this CMEOCast podcast episode, expert pharmacists discuss the ways pharmacists can be a resource for patients, including screening tools, opioid overdose information, emergency naloxone, and even referral for additional services.

Opioid Resources
Understanding Addiction

Understanding the Addicted Brain: An Augmented Reality Tour

The Addiction Policy Forum is a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating addiction as a major health problem. Our national headquarters are located in Washington, DC with resources and services in every state.

Why are Drugs So Hard to Quit?

The Disease Model of Addiction

About Prevention

What is Prevention?

The Role of Genetics

The Role of the Community

Naloxone Toolkit

Naloxone Administration

Naloxone Facts

Addiction & the Brain