New NSF Resource Center on Excessive Sleepiness: A Useful Tool in the Quest to Improve Sleep Health

On January 8th the National Sleep Foundation launched a new resource center on its website that focuses on excessive sleepiness (ES), one of the cardinal symptoms indicative of an underlying sleep-wake disorder. Excessive sleepiness is a common complaint of the more than 70 million Americans who have unhealthy sleep, which has significant psychologic, physiologic, safety, social, and economic consequences. Despite its prevalence and associated morbidity,excessive sleepiness is underdetected and the underlying sleep-wake disorder often goes underdiagnosed and undertreated. No doubt, these facts fueled the NSF’s development of this online resource.

The resource center is well organized and offers valuable news and information to assist clinicians in remaining up-to-date in the latest research and treatment. It can also offer useful educational materials for patients and healthcare communities that are striving to improve sleep health.

Guest Blog Author: Monique Johnson, MD, CCMEP
Source: National Sleep Foundation
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