Chair Summit 2014


A very successful 7th Annual Chair Summit 2014 took place this past weekend in Tampa, Fla. Faculty leading this interesting series of plenaries, breakout sessions and chart reviews are Chairmen of departments of psychiatry and neurology and the leading researchers and clinicians in the field. They shared a mix of cutting edge science and practical, clinical pearls of wisdom to a sold-out audience. The focus of these timely discussions was ‘clinical connections’ that can be useful in everyday practice.

Interactivity is a key element of this 3 day conference. Larger sessions incorporated audience participation through a network of laptop computers, tablets and smartphones – all connected to the faculty. Questions, comments, and Twitter posts expanded the dialogue beyond the usual ‘audience response system’ to create an immersive sense that everyone was part of this educational network. Small group sessions were hands-on workshops where participants could discuss clinical challenges and many asked questions about difficult cases in their own practice. There were also sessions to complete part of the performance-in-practice component of the ABPN maintenance of certification requirements in which attendees presented cases from their own practice to expert faculty in areas of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, neurocognitive disorders and multiple sclerosis.

Topics offered were a spectrum of interesting, relevant new science and latest clinical approaches in areas of psychiatry and neurology and beyond. These included: schizophrenia, bipolar depression, major depression, PTSD, borderline personality, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, in addition to hot topics in medicine such as chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, obesity, food and substance addictions and sleep disorders.

The agenda, faculty and information about next years Chair Summit can be viewed at: