CME Outfitters is pleased to provide accredited medical education on the clinical management of multiple sclerosis (MS).You can earn CME/CE and MOC credit with online activities that fit your schedule and educational credit requirements. In the on-demand webcasts and podcasts listed below, you’ll hear from experts about cutting-edge research findings, newly approved disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for both relapsing and progressive MS, the latest biomarker and imaging techniques for diagnosis and management of MS, innovative care practices, and health policy issues affecting access to care. Our experts translate the latest scientific data into practical education that will enable you to provide the best possible care for your patients with MS.

Rethinking Routines in Multiple Sclerosis Management: What the Future Holds for DMTs and Cognitive Assessment Strategies


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This CME Outfitters webcast will feature an expert panel discussion that focuses on the efficacy and safety of recently approved DMTs, implementing cognitive assessment into routine monitoring for patients with MS, and emerging data on the effects of MS therapies on cognition.

Finding Your Footing in the Shifting Landscape of Multiple Sclerosis


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In this CME Outfitters Live and OnDemand webcast, animated 3-D models will illustrate the immune processes that contribute to MS pathology and serve as targets for immune-directed therapies. Expert faculty will review clinical data supporting the efficacy and safety of novel and emerging immune-directed therapies as well as the role of biomarkers in assessing disease progression and guiding treatment decisions in patients with MS.

Managing Your MS Patient in the Era of COVID-19


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This CMEOCast podcast focuses on treating patients with MS in accordance with current guidelines, including evaluating and assessing COVID-19 disease severity and individualizing therapeutic strategy based on patient, disease, and drug factors.

Switching and Monitoring Your Patients with RRMS


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In this CMEOCast podcast, expert faculty discuss treatment initiation options, particularly high efficacy treatments versus escalation, as well as when switching therapies might be necessary and how to take patient- and medication-related issues into consideration.
Interactive 3D Animated Model of MS Pathology

Interactive 3D Model of Multiple Sclerosis Pathophysiology

This interactive tool contains 8 chapters detailing key aspects of the pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis that are targets for immune-directed disease-modifying therapies for MS.

  • Use the navigation buttons in the lower-right corner of the animated 3D model to move between the 2 chapters and to play or pause the animation sequences.
  • To zoom, rotate, or pan, use the CONTROLS MENU or click MORE OPTIONS > Help > 3D Navigation Basics for tips on navigating with your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen.
  • For a tutorial, click the icon for MORE OPTIONS and then select Help from the popup menu.
  • To add your own drawings or notes and download your customized images, click MORE OPTIONS and then Open Whiteboard.

Videos on MS Pathology

Gross Anatomy of MS

In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses the gross anatomy of multiple sclerosis lesions

MS Lesion Formation

In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses the gross anatomy of multiple sclerosis lesions

Lymphocyte Activation

In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses how lymphocyte activation occurs in early stages of MS.

T Cell Differentiation

In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses the role of T cell differentiation in the development of multiple sclerosis lesions.

Axon Demyelination

In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses how inflammation leads to axonal demyelination.


In this video, Dr. Michael Racke discusses what happens in the MS lesion to bring about remission.


In this video, Dr. Michael Racke looks at how chronic inflammation can contribute to neuronal cell death and brain atrophy in progressive MS.