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Patient Videos

Finding the Words

Watch as Drs. Sierra-Rosa and Christina Madison discuss strategies for talking to your healthcare provider about sexual wellness – available with English and Spanish closed captioning.

Patient Tools

Understanding Pronouns


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Pronouns are the language we use in order to refer to other people. In order to avoid assuming someone’s pronouns based on factors like appearance, we should routinely share our pronouns and ask for the pronouns of others. Learn more about common pronouns, the harm of assumptions, pronouns in the workplace, and more, in this free PDF guide.

Talk With Your Kids

Download Now   This downloadable guide teaches parents how to talk to kids about age-appropriate sexual health topics.

Hable con sus hijos

Descargar ahora   Esta guía descargable enseña a los padres cómo hablar con los niños sobre temas de salud sexual apropiados para su edad.

National HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Testing Locator

Access Link   Click to find free, fast, and confidential STD testing services, plus information on sexual health and PrEP providers near you!


Clinicians’ Quick Guide: Discussing Sexual Health with Your Patients

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Clinicians’ Quick Guide: What is HIV PrEP?

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Partner Services for HIV and STDs: A Guide for Health Care Providers

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Compendium of Sexual & Reproductive Health Resources for Healthcare Providers

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STDs A to Z, from the American Sexual Health Association

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Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy, from the American Sexual Health Association

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Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health

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