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The data and trends illustrating the impact of opioids on the United States and our communities are staggering. From rural to urban settings, communities are witnessing the growing and deadly impact of opioids. But health care providers at times feel caught between prescribing guidelines and patients’ needs. Taking Action: How will education address the problem? Education is the foundation of change. Education beyond the headlines that not only raises awareness about the opioid epidemic, but also provides strategies for changes in practice and process that will mobilize the HCP workforce. Education provides an opportunity to help HCPs better understand the biologic underpinnings of pain pathways so that their decision-making is focused on treatment alternatives that are targeted, effective, and safe. And finally, education to the patient so that they understand their treatment—the why and the how—so that they understand what to expect, and if prescribed an opioid, how to safely dispose of unused medication to ensure it is not illegally diverted, and prepare them to help if a loved one is struggling with addiction or take action in case of an overdose.

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A Way Forward: How Naloxone Saves Lives from Opioid Overdose

Increasing access to naloxone is essential to reducing overdose mortality. Strategies for increasing access must be thoughtfully developed and deployed to ensure that naloxone is available to any at-risk individual without the burden of stigma or judgement.


Applying Patient-Centered Pain Care to Practice: A Case of Unrelenting Post-Traumatic Pain

In this third installment of a REMS BriefCase series on pain management, expert faculty will discuss why patient education is vital to creating safe and effective, multimodal treatment plans.


Applying Patient-Centered Pain Care to Practice: A Case of Long-Term Opioid Use in Primary Care

In this second installment of a REMS BriefCase series on pain management, faculty will discuss the CDC Guideline updates and how to successfully implement them


Applying Patient-Centered Pain Care to Practice: A Case of Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder

In this fourth and final installment of a REMS BriefCase series on pain management faculty will discuss the importance of recognizing the signs of OUD and how to intervene if red flags do appear.


Focusing on Function with Patient-Centered Pain Care: Revised Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing

In this recorded Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) webcast, faculty will review anticipated updates to the Guidelines and discuss how best to incorporate these updates into practice.


Partnering with Patients: Counseling Patients About Non-Opioid Pain Options

The second installment of this CME Outfitters BriefCase series on addressing the opioid epidemic in our communities focuses on educating patients about their pain and about nonopioid pain management.


Applying Patient-Centered Pain Care to Practice: A Case of Unexplained Pain Onset

Join expert faculty in this OnDemand initiative as they discuss effective tools and strategies to improve the accurate and early detection of narcolepsy, as well as the latest evidence on optimal treatment strategies to achieve sustained benefits by improving clinical outcomes and facilitating adherence.


Decision Points: Advanced Management of Elbow Pain

Dr. Hegarty will guide learners through an appropriate assessment of the pain and work through decision points of the case to develop a multimodal treatment strategy with the goal of restoring function and quality of life.



Risk for Opioid Overdose: Identifying At-Risk Patients in Your Practice

The objective of this webcast is to raise awareness about the risk of overdose among patients with chronic pain in everyday practice and actionable changes to practice that are needed to mitigate that risk.


Mental Health and Substance Use on Campus: New Solutions

This video is a replay of a plenary session from the 12th Annual Chair Summit Master Class for Neuroscience Professional Development held in Las Vegas, NV from February 27 – 29, 2020.