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Being an educated patient will help you be a better advocate for your care and engage your care team in shared decision-making about your treatment. On the Gastroenterology Patient Education Hub, you’ll find education and resources to keep you informed about inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, and diabetic gastroparesis.

You’ll also find announcements for patient-specific live webcasts, an opportunity for your own IBD digital health coach for 3 months, helpful checklists, videos, animations, and guides to understanding and navigating the prior authorization process.

If there are specific resources you are looking for that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us for help by emailing

WEGO 2020 Patient Choice Award Nominee

Minisodes: Who’s in Charge: You or Your Crohn’s Disease?

Episode 1: Why Are Clinical Practice Guidelines Important?

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Episode 2: Controlling Symptoms and Inflammation

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Episode 3: Treatment of Crohn’s Disease

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Episode 4: Complications in Crohn’s Disease + Viewers’ Questions

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Minisodes: Who’s in Charge: You or Your Ulcerative Colitis?

Episode 1: New Guidelines in Ulcerative Colitis: Why Should I Care?

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Episode 2: Controlling Symptoms and Inflammation: Why Do Both Matter?

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Episode 3: Treatments for UC

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Episode 4: Cancer in UC: Am I at Risk?

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Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

Short Bowel Syndrome - What Every Patient Needs to Know

Short bowel syndrome, also known as SBS, occurs when patients cannot absorb nutrients because a significant part of the small intestine has been damaged or surgically removed. This video briefly reviews the causes, symptoms and treatments for short bowel syndrome.

Understanding Prior Authorization

Helping Patients Understand the PA Process

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Patients are used to seeing their physicians and heading to the pharmacy to fill the prescription. For many who are prescribed a biologic, the prior authorization process may be a new experience. This video can be downloaded and shared with patients to help them better understand the PA process.

Four Steps Patients Can Take to Minimize PA Delays

Patients are stakeholders in the PA process. It is important that they keep the care team apprised of changes to insurance and contact info. This video outlines four steps patients can take to ensure they receive the medicines they need.

Diabetic Gastroparesis Resources for Patients

Financial Assistance Programs Available for Patients with IBD

Loss of employment and loss of health insurance related to the COVID-19 pandemic are a source of anxiety for many patients with IBD. There are a number of resources and Patient Assistance Programs available to provide financial assistance to pay for biologic therapy. Many thanks to Dr. David Rubin (@IBDMD) and the University of Chicago Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center for sharing this valuable resource.

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Learn More About Diabetic Gastroparesis

In the United States, an estimated 5 million people suffer from some form of gastroparesis. One-third of these patients have diabetes. Learn more about diabetic gastroparesis in this informative virtual whiteboarding session.

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Diabetic Gastroparesis: What Happens in the Gut

View this narrated 3-D animation to understand the role of ghrelin in GI motility, as well as signs, symptoms, and diagnostic tests for diabetic gastroparesis, in addition to the clinical efficacy and safety profiles of current and emerging agents for managing this condition.

A helpful PDF resource for patients with diabetic gastroparesis that includes questions to ask their physicians, as well as treatment options.

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Free Smartphone Apps for Patients with IBD


This app allows you to track your symptoms. It features multiple trackers, a diary, personalized statistics, and valuable insights based on your data


This apps allows you to find the location of the nearest public restroom

Oshi: IBD Tracker & Magazine

This app allows you to track your lifestyle (stress, diet, sleep, and exercise) and your IBD symptoms to identify patterns and triggers and avoid flare-ups

Crohn’s and Colitis Support

This is an online support group that connects patients with IBD

IBS/CIC Resources for Patients

Discover additional accredited CME/CE activities and patient resources on the Virtual Education Hub.

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