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Welcome to the HIV Patient Education Hub. Here you will find educational videos and tools designed to help you better understand the importance of testing for HIV so that you know your HIV status and you can discuss your options with your health care provider.

Knowledge is power!  Our aim is to provide you with information you can use to have informed discussions with your health care provider, become your own best advocate, and improve your health outcomes and quality of life.

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A Long Life Ahead: Thinking About Age and HIV



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People with HIV are living longer because more individuals have been tested and treated with effective and safe antiretroviral (ART) medications. In this video, Dr. Madison explains the impact of HIV on the aging process, and how people living with HIV can live their best lives while maintaining their HIV therapies and treatment plans.


Bone Health is Important to Everyone!



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Osteoporosis is a disease that is usually associated with older women who have gone through menopause, not typically associated with men, and especially not younger men. In this video, Dr. Madison explains why HIV status impacts bone health and how you can discuss bone health and risk factors with your health care provider.


Know Your HIV Status: Get Tested to Protect Yourself and Protect Others






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Everyone should be tested for HIV at least once. Others with certain risk factors may need to be tested more often. Dr. David Wohl talks about the rationale for getting tested for HIV, where to get tested, the importance of preventing infection and transmission of HIV with pre-exposure prophylaxis if your HIV test is negative, and your treatment options if your test is positive.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

Take the First Step: What to Expect from HIV Treatment






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If you have tested positive for HIV, what next? Dr. David Wohl will help you understand what to expect from treatment, including why it is important to start treatment early and take your medicine every day, what you should look out for, and potential side effects of HIV treatment.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

Patient Videos

An Animated Look at HIV

This easy-to-understand animated video will provide you with useful information to better understand HIV, its routes of transmission, and currently available prevention and treatment strategies.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

Downloadable Tools

HIV Patient Guide






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Download this guide to understand the basics of HIV, from how HIV is transmitted to the importance of testing, and for useful links and resources including an HIV patient risk questionnaire.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

HIV Risk Questionnaire






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Testing for HIV is recommended for everyone. This questionnaire is designed to help you and your health care provider decide if you should be tested for HIV. Please note that the information collected in this questionnaire is private between you and your health care provider.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

Nursing Teaching Tools

What to Know about HIV: From Testing to Treatment






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This series of patient education slides will enable nurses in the community, including primary care, OB/GYN, and urgent care practices, provide useful information to their patients regarding HIV prevention and testing, linkage to care, and the importance of treatment adherence.  Accede a este recurso en español aquí.

Community HIV Health Training

Earners demonstrate an understanding of disease risk, HIV status, treatment initiation and adherence. They are able to effectively communicate with health care professionals about comorbidities, especially as part of aging, and understand testing and initiation of PrEP. Earners have gained knowledge of what to expect from HIV treatment, including RAPID Start. They understand the importance of bone health, the effects of age on HIV and how ART can support living long, healthy lives.
Earning Criteria
Earners must complete 3 of these designated educational activities:
1) What is RAPID Start?
2) Talking to your healthcare professional about your treatment preferences
3) Testing and Treatment
4) Video:  Bone Health Is Important to Everyone!
5) Video: A Long Life Ahead: Thinking About Age and HIV

Meet the Faculty

David Alain Wohl, MD
Professor of Medicine

Site Leader, Global HIV Prevention & Treatment Research Site
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC


In response to the HIV pandemic, Dr. Wohl has focused his career on optimizing the treatment of HIV infection, including identifying the most effective therapeutic approaches and minimizing the adverse effects of therapy. Cognizant that HIV disproportionately affects the most vulnerable, he has worked to improve HIV care and prevention for often marginalized individuals such as the incarcerated, men who have sex with men, and those living in poverty. In addition to his research and administrative activities, Dr. Wohl maintains a large HIV continuity clinic at UNC. Dr. Wohl is an excellent teacher, and CME Outfitters is grateful to him for sharing his time and expertise on the topic.


Jonah K. Pierce, RN, ACRN
HIV Patient Care Coordinator
University of North Carolina Infectious Diseases Clinic
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC


Jonah Pierce, RN, ACRN, is the HIV Patient Care Coordinator at the University of North Carolina Infectious Diseases Clinic. He has been certified as an Aids Care RN (ACRN) for 12 years and received the Joanne Ruiz Achievement Award for Excellence in HIV Care. Recently, he was elected as Director-at-Large on the board of directors for The Association of Nurses in Aids Care.


Christina M. Madison, PharmD, FCCP, AAHIVP

Founder and CEO, The Public Health Pharmacist, PLLC
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Roseman University of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy
Las Vegas, NV


Dr. Christina Madison is the Founder and CEO of The Public Health Pharmacist, PLLC a public health consulting firm. She is a clinical pharmacist specializing in public health with a focus on infectious communicable diseases. As a past President of the Nevada Public Health Association, she has been asked to share her clinical public health and infectious disease expertise with local, state, and international media outlets, and NGO’s.

African Heritage PA Caucus
The African Heritage PA Caucus is an international unified vehicle of mentorship, giving rise to professional leaders charged with the continued empowerment of physician assistants of African heritage and the populations they serve.  Visit the AHPAC website here.

Additional Resources

Understanding Pronouns


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Pronouns are the language we use in order to refer to other people. In order to avoid assuming someone’s pronouns based on factors like appearance, we should routinely share our pronouns and ask for the pronouns of others.

Learn more about common pronouns, the harm of assumptions, pronouns in the workplace, and more, in this free PDF guide.

How To Be A Good LGBTQIA+ Ally


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Pride month 2021 is officially at a close, so this is a good time to consider how to be a good LGBTQIA+ ally all year long.

An ally is one who knows and cares about an LGBTQIA person. For some, being an ally will be as easy as breathing. For others, it will take intentional effort.  To learn more about LGBTQIA+ allyship, download this free PDF guide.

Ready, Set, PrEP

Ready, Set, PrEP is the very first nationwide program launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services(HHS)that offers PrEP medications to prevent HIV transmission for free to individuals who qualify. The campaign brings awareness to the program’s initiatives to expand access to PrEP medications and reduce new HIV transmission in an effort to help end the HIV epidemic in the U.S.

To receive PrEP medication through the Ready, Set, PrEP program, patients must:

  1. Test negative for HIV
  2. Have a valid prescription for PrEP medication from your healthcare provider
  3. Not have prescription drug coverage

For more information and to enroll, patients may visit or contact 855-447(HHS)-8410.

RAPID ART Program for Individuals with an HIV Diagnosis

RAPID (Rapid ART Program for Individuals with an HIV Diagnosis) is a health system intervention to facilitate ART initiation as soon as possible after diagnosis by addressing structural barriers.

RAPID comprises several components:

1) a same-day appointment with an on-call HIV specialty physician or nurse practitioner and taxi vouchers for immediate transportation from the testing site to the clinic;

2) a same-day appointment that includes education efforts conducted by a prescribing health care professional regarding HIV infection, risk reduction and sexual health, and benefits of ART; an assessment for contraindications to ART; an explanation of options for a patient to decline treatment; and baseline lab work;

3) an accelerated insurance approval process;

4) pre-approved ART regimens that can be used without the results from genotyping or laboratory testing;

5) 5- day starter pack for each regimen to initiate ART provided to those without immediate insurance coverage;

6) an offer of the first dose to be given in the office with provider support;

7) and a telephone follow-up by a nurse within the first 7 days. The initial followup visit is scheduled between 1 to 7 days, depending on provider assessment.

HIV Treatment Can Prevent Sexual Transmission

People with HIV should take medicine to treat HIV as soon as possible to:

• Improve their own health

• Prevent transmitting HIV to other people.

HIV medicine can reduce the amount of HIV in the blood (also called viral load). HIV medicine can make the viral load so low that a test can’t detect it. This is called undetectable viral load. Having an undetectable viral load (or staying virally suppressed*) is the best thing people with HIV can do to stay healthy. If their viral load stays undetectable, they have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to an HIV-negative partner through sex.


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Safer-Sex Chat Cheat Sheet

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HIV Treatment Works

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