We have partnered with Pack Health to offer free 3- month Digital Health Coaching for your patients.  Studies show digital coaching increases health literacy and decreases symptoms in RA patients – reducing flares up to 52%!

Enroll Today

Enroll your patients in this fully funded digital health coaching program. Over the course of 3 months, Pack Health Advisors provide behavior change support by:

  • Creating personalized action plans to change health behaviors
  • Providing tangible accountability tools (e.g. medication charts, health budgets, and day trackers)
  • Referring to local resources (e.g. transportation resources)
  • Arranging for services (e.g. mail-order pharmacy)
  • Securing discounts/cost savings (e.g. medication assistance programs)


Pair your patients with a non-clinical health advisors to provide them with the support they need between visits: