CME Outfitters is conducting qualitative research into current clinical approaches by physicians to diagnose and treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). We are recruiting primary care physicians, pulmonologists, and radiologists (MD or DO) who see patients in the United States who have or are at risk of IPF.

If you fit these inclusion criteria, CME Outfitters is offering an honorarium of $500 for:

  • Completion of a 20- to 30-minute introductory interview about your experience with IPF; $250 to be issued after interview
  • Participation in two educational activities designated by CME Outfitters
  • A follow-up 20- to 30-minute interview after activity participation; $250 to be issued after follow-up interview

To be considered for this opportunity, please complete this brief survey.

Thank you for assisting CME Outfitters in providing qualitative information to support this initiative on IPF.

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