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Clinicians Look to Virtual Education to Fulfill Year-End Credit Requirements

CME Outfitters Provides A One-Stop Destination for Interprofessional Education. We’re just over halfway to the end of the year, and we know many clinicians have missed out on live conferences where you can often earn 15+ credits toward your yearly requirements. But you can earn all the credit you need virtually – via live virtual […]

Microcontent Learning and Engagement in CME

You’ve probably experienced microcontent – short video, imagery, or written content – on a daily basis, through Twitter posts, SnapChat videos, or Instagram stories. These ‘snack-sized’ pieces of content are immediately engaging and allow the viewer to consume the content in its entirety quickly without a huge time – or attention – investment. But microcontent […]

Pivoting in a Pandemic: Optimizing Expertise and Technology to Create Dynamic Learning Experiences

COVID-19 has impacted every facet of our lives and continuing medical education has been no exception.  Each year, tens of thousands of medical professionals typically attend a variety of educational conferences to advance their knowledge and translate what they learned into practice. But with the advent of COVID-19, in-person conferences were either cancelled or moved […]

CME Making a Difference: Best Practices in Learner Outcomes

Chances are, you’ve participated in a CME activity at some point in your career. You took a course, learned something new, and used that knowledge to improve your skills.  The goal of every CME activity is to have a positive impact on learner outcomes so that, ultimately, patients also experience improved outcomes. So, as a […]