The recent years have witnessed major advances in the treatment of benign rare blood disorders such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease (SCD), and cold agglutinin disease (CAD). Moreover, new guidelines have been developed for the diagnosis and management of these blood disorders. Clinicians including hematologists and emergency department physicians need to remain up to date on the various aspects of management of these hematological disorders to diagnose, treat, and manage associated complications. Moreover, access to novel therapies remains challenging due to payer restrictions including step therapy policies. Hematologists and their care team need education on streamlining the prior authorization processes to prevent treatment delays.

The CME Outfitters, LLC Hematology Hub is designed to provide clinicians with the latest clinical practice guidelines, diagnostic strategies and tools, scientific updates on current and emerging therapies, latest guidelines to optimize the management of hematological disorders, and strategies to streamline prior authorization process. In addition, the Hematology Hub also provides patient education tools to empower patients to make informed decisions about their care and to navigate the prior authorization process.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Using Population Pharmacokinetics for Tailored Hemophilia Care

Register NowThese products allow for less frequent infusions and improve treatment adherence, but in choosing between extended half-life products, indirect comparisons of PK data from these trials cannot be made. Choosing the appropriate factor replacement product also requires assessment of patient preferences and goals, lifestyle, and other considerations through the process of shared decision-making (SDM).

Management of Hemophilia in the Emergency Department: A Case-Based Discussion

Participate NowThis CME Outfitters LLC Snack features case-based learning designed to facilitate problem-solving and therefore bridge the gap between evidence and actionable changes in practice as they pertain to updated guidelines, new treatments, and emerging therapies that will help physicians and other professionals who work in the ED with identifying, monitoring, and managing patients with hemophilia.

Management of Sickle Cell Disease in the Emergency Department: A Case-Based Discussion

Participate NowThis CME Outfitters Snack is included in the 3-part series on management of benign rare blood disorders in the ED. It features a video physician-patient case scenario with hematological insights on the evaluation and management of patients in the ED and current and emerging treatments for SCD.

Management of Cold Agglutinin Disease in the Emergency Department: A Case-Based Discussion

Participate NowIn this CME Outfitters Snack, updated guidelines and new treatments are highlighted in a video case identifying CAD in the ED and providing appropriate management, including ensuring best practices for blood testing and blood transfusion in patients with CAD.