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UB-063 3/20/17 Sexual Dysfunction: The Role of Clinical Psychiatry
UB-062 2/20/17 Bereavement, Grief, and Depression: Clinical Update and Implications
UB-061 1/20/17 An Update on Melancholia
UB-060 12/20/16 Integrating Biomedicine and Asian Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities
UB-059 11/20/16 Neurofeedback: Significance for Psychiatry IMG
UB-058 10/20/16 Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Aspects of Chronic Pain: Clinical Implications and Solutions IMG
UB-057 9/20/16 The Virus Connection: Understanding How Viruses Affect Psychiatric Pathologies IMG
UB-056 8/20/16 Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Depression: Issues for Psychiatrists IMG
UB-055 7/20/16 Update on Diagnostic Issues for Borderline Personality Disorder IMG
UB-054 6/20/16 Autism Spectrum Disorder and Psychiatry: Update on Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations IMG
UB-053 5/20/16 Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Health Behaviors in Psychotic Patients IMG
UB-052 4/20/16 Adjunctive Treatment Options for Patients With Residual Symptoms of Depression IMG
UB-051 3/20/16 QTc Prolongation Associated With Psychotropics: Therapeutic Considerations IMG
UB-050 2/20/16 Neuropsychiatric Masquerades: Diagnosis and Treatment IMG
UB-049 1/20/16 Mental Health and HIV/AIDS IMG
UB-048 12/20/15 Update on Bipolar Disorder, Part 2: Bipolar Depression and Cyclothymic Disorder IMG
UB-047 11/20/15 An Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Part 1: Mania IMG
UB-046 10/20/15 Adult Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Review of the Clinical Presentation, Challenges, and Treatment Options IMG
UB-045 9/20/15 Update on Somatoform and Related Disorders IMG