Lessons from CME Snack activity: Saving lives with depression screenings on campuses

Background History The ACHA-NCHA study on depression in college students left CME Outfitters staff thunderstruck by these eye-opening stats: 50% of students reported feeling so depressed and so hopeless at some time in the prior year that it interfered with their functioning 37% of college students reported depression severe enough to impact function Nearly 10% […]

Digital Health: Innovations Transforming the Management of Chronic Disease

Last week, Shari Tordoff and I stepped out of our traditional educational box and attended the 2017 HITLAB Innovators Summit to learn and experience the emerging innovations in digital health. It was an exciting, and sometimes daunting conference where we were presented with the many opportunities, challenges, barriers, and innovations unfolding in this field at […]

CME Outfitters Customer Support Desk is live!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new help desk system! In an effort to improve the service we bring to our users and improve turnaround times, we have implemented a new Customer Support Desk that connects you directly to our support team, allowing you to get issues resolved faster. What is CME Outfitters […]

Digital Health + CME = Improved Patient Outcomes

Digital health broadly defines services and technologies such as mobile health (mhealth), medical applications, wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, and digital health coaching—innovations that are changing healthcare from both the patient and provider perspectives and collecting real-time, real world data. According to Pew Research, 77% of adults in the US own a smartphone. 42% of […]

Planning for Change – CME Outfitter’s Evolving Reaccreditation Approach

Having just finished our reaccreditation Self Study Report, I have learned a few things. As in many instances in life, processes change. At CME Outfitters, we have a Planning Document that was created to align with Accreditation requirements to make it easier for us to respond to reaccreditation activity file reviews and annual reports. We […]

Shaping CME with Predictive Modeling: Part 2

Welcome back! In the first installment of the outcomes blog, I provided a bit of background on predictive modeling and its importance in CME. For this blog post, I’ll review the types of data that can be used in predictive modeling and focus in on the predictive models that have the most relevance to CME. […]

Shaping CME with Predictive Modeling: Part 1

The continuing medical education (CME) field is always changing. That’s a good thing, because it means we are keeping up with the rapid changes in the medical field, accommodating the needs of our learners, and discovering newer and better ways to measure the impact of CME.  But this constant change can be a challenge as well. How do we develop best practices that align […]